Here are a few pictures from 2. German Cube Day that took place in Gütersloh again, Germany on Saturday 23, 2005. I arrived friday at midday already and so I could meet with puzzle friends before main action. I would like sent out many thanks to organizer Martin Brockman and to all his helpers for organization these actions. Thanks.
See you in next year in Germany again!!!

Drawing room in " Bremer Schlüssel" pub.

D. Namdarian from Germany, V. Krasnoukhov, I. Novichkova, O. Krasnoukhov from Russia and I. Obsivac, V. Obsivac from Czech.

Roman Götter, Mrs. Günther, Will Strijbos, Günther Albert, Christian Eggermont and Martin Brockmann

Christian Eggermont looking for a solution of the Planets puzzle ( prototype from Hanayama ).

In next-door room were speedcubers with their preliminary rounds of competition.

Front - Lars Vandenbergh is concentraded on his round of competition.

Ron van Bruchem and Hans van der Zijden with their different times. Where I made an error?

Results of each round of competition were closely watched. The results carefully wrote Patrick Bellenbaum ( at top of table ) - main organizer.

" Bremer Schlüssel" pub was whole full, without free place.

German Cube day 2005 and German open championship 2005.

The venue of meeting - Janusz-Korczak-Gesamtschule in Gütersloh.

Frank Drostel is looking for new puzzles to his collection.

Two tables with merchandise. Left - Hendrik Haak's, right - Albert Günther's.

Next tables with merchandise - general view.

My table with puzzles for trade.

Marcel Gillen's table with merchandise .

Marcel Gillen's next table .

Hendrik Haak and his very interesting Rubik's type puzzles.

Carlo Gitt does speak with Roman Götter.

Vaclav Obsivac's very nice wooden puzzles. At tables is sitting his son and his wife.

Next very nice wooden puzzles.

Joop van der Vaart's table with his Rubik's type puzzles.

Table of Michael Layher. The puzzles were interesting, mainly Rainbow cubes.

Ton's table. Single table with Rubik's tablecloth.

Irina Novichkova and her puzzles from Russia.

The table of Bernhard Schweitzer with wooden puzzles.

Detailed view on wooden puzzles.

Mr. Schneider have had many puzzles for trade.

Front - next puzzles from Russia from Vladimir Krasnoukhov.

Maria Rivilis ( right ) is looking for puzzles for themselves and for her friend Stephan Pochmann.

The speedcubing competition proceededs whole day.

Sean Connolly is watching a white Rubik's ivory cube in hands of Per Kristen Fredlund, Norway.

Ron is watching speed of solution of Gunnar Krig, Sweden.

The youngest speedcuber in Gütersloh - J.I.Ugelstad.

My puzzles from 2. German Cube Day.

Other reports/pictures you can find by Sean Connolly or by Dan Harris.