Here are a few pictures from 1. German Cube Day that took place in Gütersloh, Germany on Saturday 24, 2004. I arrived friday at midday already and so I could meet with puzzle friends before main action. See you pictures below. I would like sent out many thanks to organizer Martin Brockman and to all his helpers for organization these actions. Thanks.
See you in next year in Germany again!!!

Afternoon meeting in the Brockman's house.

Irina Novichkova and Vladimir Krasnoukhov both from Russia.

Vladimir Krasnoukhov and Bernhard Schweitzer browse book with wanted puzzles.

Bernhard Schweitzer looking for a solution of the secret box.

Vladimir and Irina choose a puzzle.

Anatoli Kalinin ( Russia ) with book in its hands.

Günther Albert, Vladimir, Irina, Martin and Bernhard - almost all visitors in the Martin's house.

Drawing room in " Bremer Schlüssel" pub.

" Bremer Schlüssel" pub. Place of evening meeting.

Two Bernhards - Wiezorke ( left ) and Schweitzer.

Vladimir is solving a Space Cube puzzle. Very hard job for both hands.

Lars Vandenbergh, Stefan Pochmann, Koen Heltzel and Ron van Bruchem.

Ruben Geels, Jaap Scherphuis and Ton Dennenbroek with cube.

Peter Jansen is showing Irina some tricks with cube.

See so many Richter Anschor puzzles together is beautiful.

Ton watch neighbourhood and Lars cubing.

Anatoli Kalinin, Bernhard Wiezorke and organizer Martin Brockman talking.

Peter Jansen cubing 4x4x4.

Stefan, Jaap and Ton all with Rubik's magic.

Ron is sleeping or reads? On the table are its speedcubing puzzles.

Roman Götter - next visitor of meeting.

New puzzles from Hanayama.

Koen is solwing a Rubik's magic.

Lars is racing with a time.

Jaap with a cube and Peter with a magic.

Ruben Geels is solwing new puzzles - CrossTeaser.

CrossTeaser also in Ton's hands.

Ron's Tomy megaminx for its speedcubing.

German Cube day 2004 and German open championship 2004.

The venue of meeting - Elly Heuss-Knapp Schule.

Hall before opening an action. First visitors ( Olga and Irina ) with their merchandise.

Theo Geering ( left ) and Ad van der Schagt with a camera in his hands.

My table with puzzles for trade.

A table of Marcel Gillen with his merchandise.

A table with puzzles from Russia.

Wolfgang Petrak ( right ) and next puzzle collector ( left ) by van der Schagt's table.

Will Strijbos and one from few his tables with puzzles. There are more kinds of Hanayama puzzles.

The table of Bernhard Schweitzer with wooden puzzles.

Joop van der Vaart's table with rubik's type puzzles.

An overview on a hall.

Ton behind his small table on solving a cube.

The table of Carlo Gitt and his small watcher.

Geert Hellings, Hendrik Haak, his rubik's type puzzles and Frank Drostel .

Lars, Ron is doing the megaminx solving.

Benjamin Titze and Patrick Bellenbaum - organizer of speedcubing event.

Koen Heltzel is solwing a 5x5x5 cube.

Vladimir Krasnoukhov is showing a trick with his clock to Alan Zalmanski ( left ).

One from two lectures - Claus Ringel with theme " Geometry of puzzles - Puzzles with Geometry".

This theme was certainly very interesting, of hearers was there very much.

In a time of lecture was a hall with tables almost empty. Only tables and puzzles.

Next view of almost empty hall.

But the speedcubing competition go further.

The blindfold 3x3x3 event was part of the competition. Only two competitors were there, Ron and Stefan.

The blindfold 3x3x3 event was also public's favorite.

My puzzles from 1. German Cube Day.

Other reports/pictures you can find by Ron van Bruchem, by Koen Heltzel or by Roman Götter .