Dutch Cube Day took place this year in Eidhoven - Mikrocentum company, The Netherlands on the 16th of October 2005. This year's Cube day was like the previous very interesting also. I met there with some puzzle friends with which I made good puzzle exchange this year. I was very pleased with it. Thanks Geert.

Saturday early evening at the Holiday Inn hotel lobby.

Jaap Scherphuis and Vadim Grishin solve a puzzle Ball.

Sean Connolly, his 5x5x5 Rubik's Cube and running time at the hotel lobby.

Koen Heltzel, Dan Harris, JoŽl van Noort and Peter Still speaking about Cube.

Jasmine Lee, Lisa, Peter Still and Koen back to me.

JoŽl, Vadim, Ton Dennenbroek just at the moment arrived and Koen.

Koen and Jasmine is reading SMS, maybe.

Sunday - Dutch Cube Day meeting.

Oscar Rosen speaking with two famouse puzzles producers - Anthony Greenhill and Tony Fisher.

Tony's puzzles modifications.

White Oleg's cube, Anthony's two Square-1 modification ( back ) and Tony's puzzles.

Tony's new puzzles prepared for this year's Cube Day.

Next show of these puzzles.

Very nice view Tony's puzzles no for sale.

Tony Fisher's puzzles pricelist.

Hendrik Haak and his merchandise.

Detailed view on Hendrik's very nice Rubik's puzzles.

Peter Jansen is looking for puzzles on Hendrik's table, Georges Helm ( black T-shirt ) pick out rare puzzles for exchange.

Each purchased puzzles must be paid.

Chris Lohe (red T-shirt ) behind his table.

Lohe's long Rubik's Magic modifications.

Thomas Lohe ( right ) and Frank Drostel ( left ). Frank's collection continually grows. Wow,wow,wow.

Next table with puzzles. Who is looking for a Rubik's Clock the finds it.

A lot of different puzzles, books and one electronic game.

Markus GŲtz is trying to solve a puzzle from GŁnther Albert.

My daughter behind my table with puzzles for trade.

The table of Bernhard Schweitzer with wooden puzzles.

Oscar says: " Might I to see the wonderfull Greenhill's Tetrahedron?" Hendrik replys:" Yes, of course!"

Turn the Greenhill's Tetrahedron is very pleasant sensation.

Oscar's pleasure grow up. The Greenhill's Tetrahedron can be very nice Christmas present. Sure!

My puzzles from Cube Day.