Here are a few pictures from Dutch Cube Day 2004 that took place in Groningen, The Netherlands on the 10th of October 2004. I arrived at Sunday at afternoon already and so I could meet with puzzle friends before main action and I could watch first preliminary rounds of the Dutch Open 2004 championship. See you pictures below.
See you in next year on 2. Germany Cube Day in Germany again!!!

Drawing room in a Mexican restaurant.

Mike Godfrey and his Square-1.

JoŽl with megaminx, Jaap with a cube.

Jorge Best from Texas ( USA ), his wife ( left ) and Ron is looking for a solution of Jorge's special bandaged cube.

Sean Connolly is looking for a solution of the master cube.

From left front Mike, Arjan Bosse, behind him Jaap, Stefan Pochmann and his friend Maria Rivilis.

Hans van der Zijden ( left - white shirt ), Jorge, Koen Heltzel, Sean, back to me Ton and Ron.

From right to left : Ron, Ton solve Jorge's bandage cube, Peter Jansen and Maria.

Evening meeting in the Willeke's house.

Hans prepare a cube for speedcubing competition.

Koen is solving a Rubik's clock.

Peter Jansen with a Rubik's cube.

Many poeple in little room - Maria is solving a cube on the floor.

Ton and Jaap prepare two Speed stacks timers.

Their work watch Mrs. Willeke Christiaans.

Sean have had a broken megaminx.

Stefan is helping with his correction.

Mike practise a Square-1 solution.

JoŽl practise also Square-1 solution. It will be uncompromising fight to a finish.

Koen is ready to begin a Rubik's clock solution. On the right is Villeke's husband.

Ton's Rubik's clock competition. JoŽl is supervision.

Jorge Best and his wife.

Ton is looking for next step of solution 5x5x5 cube.

Puzzle collectors from Luxemburk. From left to right: Carlo Gitt, Marcel Gillen and Rene Dawir.

Ton versus Peter in 5x5x5 competition. JoŽl and Hans are supervisions.

Lars is solving 5x5x5 cube. Time is running.

Stefan is solving also 5x5x5 cube.

Sean has also a solution in his hands.

Do know Ron a next step? Stefan keep an eye out for him .

Ron is solving a megaminx.

JoŽl and Arjan before next round of competition.

Ton is solving Rubik's 3x3x3 Cube One-handed.

Ron also.

JoŽl is winner Rubik's 3x3x3 Cube One-handed competition.

Stefan is winner Rubik's clock competition. His best time is 11:45 sec.

Dutch Cube Day 2004 and Dutch Open 2004 championship.

The venue of DCD 2004 was the Noorderpoortcollege, Groningen.

Merchandise for trade/sell/buy on DCD.

Next tabels with puzzles.

From left to right: Martin Brockmann, Jaap and Martin's daughter.

Chris Lohe ( in the centre ) converses with GŁnther Albert.

Nice wooden puzzles from Mr. Cornwell.

Table of Hendrik Haak with nice puzzles ( in the centre ).

Hendrik is looking for new puzzles to his collection ( in the centre ).

Mr. Rik van Grol and his daughter.

Invitation on 2th Germany Cube Day 2005 from Martin Brockmanm.

Speedcubing competition go further.

Jaap's notebook with a large collection puzzle patents and Ton's puzzles for trade and view.

Oscar van Deventer and his nice plastic puzzles. They weren't for sale unfortunately.

Many "Brains" together on one place, it is wonderfull. Price of Domino was around 100,- Euro.

The table of Rik van Grol ( left ) and Joop van der Vaart ( right ).

In a time of lecture was a hall with tables almost empty. Only tables and puzzles.

But the speedcubing competition go further.

My puzzles from Dutch Cube Day.

Other reports/pictures you can find by Ron van Bruchem.