Here are a few pictures from my second Dutch Cube Day that took place in Veldhoven, The Netherlands on the 11th of October 2003. This year's Cube day was like the previous very interesting also. I met there with some puzzle friends with which I made good puzzle exchange this year. I was very pleased with it. Thanks.

First halt. ASML building 7 but from back side.

Come next autos with puzzle collectors.

Nick Baxter browse katalog of puzzles from Luxemburg.

Boxes with puzzles are ready for transport in.

To Nick Baxter come next puzzle friend.

It is the right gate to building 7.

Parking with autos before building 7.

Waiting collectors for registration.

The room with tables for display/trade/sale.

The room with tables for display/trade/sale.

Bernhard Schweitzer ( left ) with Ad van der Schagt ( behind him ) and wonderfully crafted wooden puzzles.

Martin Brockman's table ( white T-shirt ).

Joop van der Vaart's table.

Hendrik Haak ( behind in the centre ) and Carlo Gitt's young guard.

My table with puzzles for trade.

Hendrik Haak and his very nice merchandise.

Peter Jansen with cube at Ton's table.

Chris Lohe speaks with Tony Fisher and behind is Thomas Lohe.

Tony Fisher's new puzzles.

Tony Fisher's new puzzles.

Prices of the Tony Fisher's new puzzles.

Marcel Gillen ( in the centre in blue shirt ) speak with next puzzle collectors.

Ton Dennenbroek's table with Rubik's cubes.

Ton Dennenbroek's table, Rubik's cubes and his Silicon spray for speedcubing.

Vaclav Obsivac - VIN&CO and his wooden puzzles. Right is his wife and in the centre his daughter.

Black table of Mr. Robinson ( First Germany puzzle museum ).

Carlo Gitt's table.

Ton Delsing's table.

Puzzles from collection of Mr. Christoph Bandelow.

Invitation for 1. GCD - 1. Germany Cube Day 24th April 2004. Information - www.MBausG.de

Puzzle collector from Russia - Dr. Vladimir Krasnouchov ( with spectacles ).

Ton prepare the cube for the speedcubing competition.

Dave Hadley Jones ( Sewentowns ) and Jaap Scherphuis.

Lars Vandenbergh with his speedcubing.

Stefan Pochman ( right ) and a next speedcuber.

Small ring of speedcubers.

Joop van der Vaart ( left ), Ton solved a cube ( in the centre ) and Dave Hadley Jones ( right ).

From left Stefan, unknown and Ron van Bruchem at speedcubing competition.

People watching the speedcubing competition.

Speedcubing competition from back.

Two members of NKC Committee left standing Rik van Grol ( with beard ) and Geert Hellings.

Jaap Scherphuis and Wei Hwa-Huang scrambling cubes of contestants.

Plan for mixing of cubes.

Watching people solves the cubes also.

Ton,Peter,Dan,Lars and Jaap.

Ton solves his cube. What is time?

My puzzles from Cube Day.

My puzzles from Cube Day.